Korean 10-Step Skincare Regimen in 15 minutes

Hello Beauties !! Today I am gonna speak about the famous 10-step korean skincare regime/routine by which korean women swears by :). Korean women have beautiful and flawless skin which we all dream (me first in the queue). If you are thinking its a GOD gift to korean women .. you are wrong !! my dear lady. They actually put a lot of effort to maintain and enhance their beauty .

korean 10-step skincare regime
korean 10-step skincare regime

In our teens most of us had beautiful skin ( I had 😛 ) and by the time we crosses 25-26 mmmhh OK 28-29 our skin starts to get dull , dehydrated and needs a little bit more nurturing and love like a small baby 😀 .

Coming on korean skin care regime , 10 steps sounds a lot of work but it is just a 15 minutes from your busy schedule , believe me. I have already started with this today.So lets see what those porcelain skin girls do to maintain their charm. I am gonna tell you this with an Indian twist 😛

  1. Pre-cleansing : It is the first step towards glowing skin.They use oil based cleanser for cleansing face as a first step to remove any traces of makeup , dirt from their skin. My approach – Remove any eye-makeup be it your mascara or eye shadow , even your kajal using any good makeup remover.Use any carrier oil (castor , coconut , almond , olive or jojoba oil ) and gently massage all over face. Then use a normal wash cloth or wipe to gently remove the oil from the face,
  2. Cleanse : Yes in korea cleansing itself is a two step process .After pre-cleansing use a water base cleanser. My approach – Gently rub the cleanser in circular motion all over face and neck and wash with luke warm water and pat dry.
  3. Exfoliate(optional) : Exfoliation removes the dead skin and cleans up the pores. My Approach- Simply use a gentle exfoliater/face scrub gently massage and wash your face .This step is optional as it is always suggested not to over exfoliate your skin just once or twice a week will do its work.
  4. Tone : Toning is an important step which most of us usually ignores (cheater me :P).My Approach-Use an alcohol free toner, put some on cotton and dab it on your skin.Toning gets your skin squiky clean.
  5. Essence : Korean women swears by essence in their skin care routine. essence is a runny – hydrating liquid which helps in skin cell regeneration. After toning take a 4-5 drops and apply all over face and neck.
  6. Serum : Serum and essence are both different things.Serum are more concentrated then essence. Serum usually targets on dull and dehydrated skin , even outs skin and improves skin texture.My approach- after applying essence wait for 1 min and apply serum.
  7. Sheet mask : Now a days market is flooded with sheet masks. They are super effective and super convenient and korean beauties swear by them . Use them once or twice a week to pamper your skin.My approach- I use masks usually after exfoliation (STEP 3)
  8. Eye cream : Skin around eyes is thin and delicate compared to face. My Approach- Use a good eye cream and massage gently till it absorbs.
  9. Moisturiser : Moisturise moisturise and moisturise !! For dewy – healthy skin moisturization is very important. Korean women gently massage their faces using fingers – it helps stimulate circulation and leaves the skin totally soft and supple. My Approach- use a moisturiser according to skin type .
  10. Night cream: Ahh finally the last but not least step.We all have learnt so far than skin recharges itself during night time and regenerates skin cells.A good night cream is must even if you are in your early 20s.

So these are the steps involved in Korean Beauty care regime. I understand its hard to follow all the steps on daily basis.Lets try it religiously for 10 days and after wards follow atleast 5-6 steps on daily basis.

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I will soon update about my personal experience – how korean skin routine worked on me. Till then stay gorgeous and stay beautiful and most important be happy !!


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    This is the best blog according me.U have desctibedd step by step everythingg.As I m bew in this korean skincare routine and I was thinking to buy under eye cream and night cream.I thought that we have to use night cream at the place of moisturiser but thanqq too u for writing this blog.

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