Korean 10-Step Skincare Regimen in 15 minutes

Hello Beauties !! Today I am gonna speak about the famous 10-step korean skincare regime/routine by which korean women swears by :). Korean women have beautiful and flawless skin which we all dream (me first in the queue). If you are thinking its a GOD gift to korean women .. you are wrong !! my dear lady. They actually put a lot of effort to maintain and enhance their beauty .

korean 10-step skincare regime
korean 10-step skincare regime

In our teens most of us had beautiful skin ( I had 😛 ) and by the time we crosses 25-26 mmmhh OK 28-29 our skin starts to get dull , dehydrated and needs a little bit more nurturing and love like a small baby 😀 .

Coming on korean skin care regime , 10 steps sounds a lot of work but it is just a 15 minutes from your busy schedule , believe me. I have already started with this today.So lets see what those porcelain skin girls do to maintain their charm. I am gonna tell you this with an Indian twist 😛