5 must have body care products for winter ready brides : Wedding Essential Series

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Hello girls … How was your dipawali .. Mine was pretty awesome .. I am all busy with family .. my kiddo and lots of shopping and thats why I am getting bit lazy in posting articles now a days. As I mentioned in Wedding essential series we will be discussing all what is needed for being a fabulous bride . Since Winter is already inn in town and our skin needs extra TLC , Here’s my much sorted list of winter essential body care products.

but before starting with the list`some body care tips from my personal diary for the bride to be
  1. Always keep your body hair free -In order to pamper your skin first keep your skin clean.imagine putting a rich cream all over hairy legs ewwww . In my opinion you should not wait till D-day to get all cleaned up.Its up to you what method you use – I prefer waxing and epilation over shaving or hair removal creams.
  2. Exfoliate your body once in a while – you don’t need to do this everyday just once in a week is enough to shed dead skin.You can also try Dry Brushing.
  3. Avoid sun between 11 am to 4 pm – I know I know … I can’t arrest you all day at home but sun rays during these hours can do a lot of damage to your skin.If you don’t have option then make sure to cover yourself and use a good sunscreen with high SPF.
  4. Moisturize in shower – I suggest to moisturize your skin immediately after shower. Damp skin tends to absorb body lotions/oil more quickly and it increases the penetration deep into the skin.

Okay so here are the essentials –

Body Butter 

Who doesn’t love the creamy rich luxury of body butters.I always hoard my vanity with at least 2-3 body butters.I love the whipped creamy texture of these body butters and amazing fragrances.Body butters are specially curated to provide deep nourishment to skin , I always suggest you to try them . Some suggestions are The body shop body butters (my personal favourite) , Fab India avacado body butter , Nyassa almond body butter , Aloe veda luxury body butter , Natural bath and body butters ,Grace coel body butters .

Body butter for winter
Body butter for winter

Moisturizing /Hydrating body washes

Using harsh soaps specially in winters are a big NO NO for me. Once you switch from soaps to moisturising body washes you can easily see the change in your skin within few days.I suggest to use either moisturising and soap free body washes like The body shop , dove , biotique etc OR you can switch to natural and handmade soaps available in market like soulflower soaps , fuschia or Nyassa to name few.

body wash for winter

body wash for winter

Facial oil /Serum

Now a days using facial oil is its on peak and everyone is raving about how good it is for their skin.I am currently using kumkumadi tailam and loving it to the core .It is your personal choice if you want to choose a specific ayurvedic or organic facial oil Or want to go with some high end brand serum.Both has their own benefits.Always try among 3-4 facial oils/serums to find out what works for you.Specially for bride to be – Start using them before 2 months to get glowing and healthy skin on your D day.

face oil for winter

face oil for winter

Hand and Foot Creams

If you gonna be a bride soon believe me you cannot do without beautiful hands and feet , these are the most exposed part of your body all over the wedding ceremony. If you have cracked heels or chapped cuticles then you have to run to the market and grab some good foot and hand cream for yourself. Try to wear socks most of the time (mostly while shopping) to avoid discoloration and tanning to your feet. Some suggestions are – Plum Choco-Latte Smudge-Free Hand Cream , Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream ,Biotique Bio Nyctanthes Rejuvenating Hand Moisturizer.

For your feet you can try – Fabindia avacado foot cream , just herbs pedisoft cream , Aroma magic foot cream ,Scholl  are few to name.

winter foot cream
winter foot cream

Body Sunscreens

Again an important asset when comes to body care .It doesn’t matter if its summer or winters , Sunscreen should be there all time with you.Specially when you are shopping before your marriage keep wet wipes with sunscreen with you and don’t forget to reapply sunscreen in every 2 hours , I know its a lot but it is all worth doing for your skin.My favourite are neutrogena sunscreen and Lotus .



In addition to above I suggest to indulge in hot oil body massage once in a while , A good massage helps to rejuvenate skin and relaxes sore muscle.

Try these tips and you will thank yourself .



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