5 Nail Symptoms that reveals about your Health

5 Nail Symptoms

Nail Symptoms

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Tell me the name of single GIRL who doesn’t love nail polish ūüėÄ and anyone who says I don’t want Nail Art !!

we always  add some color (nail paint) to make our nails more beautiful but on serious note you know your Nails are an indicator too. They can tell you about your health problem with an indication of the color changing theme. They change their color according to your condition but these problems can put you in trouble also. We are indicating some nails problem here.

Pale nails -Nail Symptoms

If your nails look lifeless, then it means you have anemia or malnutrition. Besides, it can also be a warning of early diabetes or liver disease.

Whitish and Yellowing –¬†Nail Symptoms

Whitish and yellowing are mostly considered as a sign of fungal infections. Nail fungus can affect the appearance of the affected nail or nails. In some of the cases, Yellow Nail Syndrome can play a major role in yellow nails.

Nail Pitting –¬†Nail Symptoms

Nail pitting means a small depression in our fingernails; it is a common phenomenon in people who have psoriasis. It can also be connected to tissue disorders and alopecia.


Black line

If you notice a black discoloration vertical line, which grows from the nail bed, then it means that you need to worry about subungual melanoma. It usually appears on a single nail and either shows up on big toe or thumb.


Cracked Nails

Sometimes your nails look dry and brittle, split or cracked nails it can happen because of thyroid disorder. Vitamin A or calcium decencies also a result of brittle nails.

We are not expert but we can guide you because we are worried about your health. If you see any changes in your nail colors and appearance of the nails. Best is to consult these issue with experts. So, look your nails right now, if you see some changes then visit a doctor.

These are the problems what about solution our next post will be a focus on the only solution. How can we improve our health after seeing these indications and is there any natural remedies available for this? If you know the answer please comment below the post and make valuable for us.

Author : Nitin Verma

Editors Note

 Thanks Nitin for such informative article. Its really worth the knowledge , how small discoloration or a simple line on our nails can reveal so much about our health. РAnamika

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