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skin care tips

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We all love to pamper our skin time to time , But do you think that occasional skin care will lead to flawless and gorgeous skin we all dream of. The answer is a big NO !!!  Today I will tell you about some great beauty hacks which made my life simpler .

skin care tips

So lets hop on to the list

Follow a good CTM routine morning and evening

Yes cleansing-toning-moisturising is the first step to clean and healthy skin. Use a good cleanser/face wash according to your skin type , It helps in removing impurities from skin . Then use a toner preferably alcohol free , take a cotton ball pad some toner and apply all over face and neck . Give 2-3 minutes to settle and apply your favourite moisturizer/cream.


Yes exfoliation is equally important with CTM . Use a good scrub all over face and neck and massage for a minute . Exfoliation will shed all the dead skin and helps new cell regeneration. Don’t over do it , just once or twice a week otherwise it may irritate your skin leading to sensitive patches.

Pillow is skin’s best friend

Yes indeed its true , pillow is the one thing which sleeps with your skin. My advice is to change your pillow cover in every 2-3 days . With dirty pillow cover its like you are doing CTM and then again putting your face on dirt and germs ewww..!! .Also keep your pillow in sunlight on every 5th day possible (mommy gyan.. i know..!!).

Keep a face towel handy

Using same towel for body and face is something we all have done.Our facial skin is sensitive and different compared to body . Specially for acne prone skin.idea behind it is simply we don’t want bacteria from all over the body to stick on face. Go and get a separate small towel for face (other than the one you use bath time) and keep it near your basin to have an easy access.

Don’t block the morning sun .. block the later one

Ok I know it sounds confusing but philosophy behind is to take good sun rays in the morning before 8 AM which is essential for our skin  , body and health .We all know the Vitamin D story (I will not go in much detail) .Use a good sunscreen/sunblock after 8-9 AM till evening. Usually we apply sunscreen once and expect it to do its job .Consider reapplying sunscreens in every 2-3 hour if you are outdoors.i usually use sunscreen with at least SPF 30.

Do not sleep with your makeup

So are you planning for big red carpet event that might happen in your dreams 😛 and decided to sleep on with your makeup then DON”T. Our skin uses the sleep at night time to rejuvenate and replenish and if your makeup is on the way , pores will be clogged and skin will not be able to breath and repair itself. This will certainly lead to pimples , dull and patchy skin.

Once a week Go extra miles

Yes treat your skin and body really good once or twice a week . you can try :

  • A body massage with warm oil before bath. This will keep your skin soft and supple.
  • Body polishing .
  • Put a mask and relax. oily skin beauties go for clay based face pack and dry skin beauties try gel based mask. Now a days market is filled with lots of face masks and packs to choose from. By the way I am lovin sheet masks , most convenient option for lazy girls 😛 ehmm they are effective too.
  • we all love getting a clean up or facial done by professionals at salon. Go for it. Or if you are short of time try Face Oil cleansing  at home.

skin care tips

Skin Care DON’TS

  • Do not go over board with anything. Be it makeup , your skin care routine or trying too many products.Keep it as simple as doable.
  • Do not over exfoliate or wash your face. Cleansing face once in morning and once in evening will be more than sufficient .You can splash water if needed.
  • Avoid junk food and too much caffeine.

In addition eat healthy food , seasonal fruits and drink plenty of water for beautiful you. So ladies make it a routine and say hello to beautiful skin.

If you have more skin care tips share with me in comments , I am eager to learn new stuff.


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