Carrier oil Usage Limits and properties in cold process soap making

Soap making - carrier oil usage and properties
Cold Process Soap Making Series

Carrier oil Usage Limits

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Hope you liked our previous article on Understanding Soap Qualities in Soap Calculator   On the same note lets dig more into it. Today we will cover which all carrier oils are best for cold process soap making and their properties. Also we will discuss what are the usage limits for different carrier oils.

Lets see all properties of base/carrier oil used in our organic soaps.

Coconut oil

SAP value – 0.178

Coconut oil is best for soap is extracted from the meat of the coconut and showing best characteristic when extracted from cold pressed method. There are different varieties of coconut oil: 76 degree Fahrenheit, 96 degrees and saturated coconut oil, These Temperature shows the melting point at which the oil will be liquefy. But the 76 degree one is best for cold process soap making and widely used all over the world. Coconut oil creates good lather, big bubbles and have great cleansing tends the soap bar has a long shelf life and high stability during curing.

Recommended usage: not above 25 percent.

Olive oil

SAP value -0.134

Olive oil has variety of grades virgin olive oil and olive oil pomace (it’s a lesser grade oil than olive has tendency to make mild soap with small bubbles. but lather increases over time

Recommended usage: can be used up to 100 percent.

Avocado oil

SAP value-0.133

It is extracted from a pit of the avocado .color depends on the extraction process from green to has a great conditioning and moisturizing properties which adds up the quality of soap.

Recommended usage-not more than 20 percent.

Cocoa butter

SAP value: 0.137

Cocoa butter is extracted from cocoa has a chocolate is typically use in making chocolates. There are two forms of cocoa butter deodorized and gives hardness to soap.

Recommended usage-not more than 15 percent otherwise soap becomes too hard and difficult to cut.

Apricot Kernel oil

SAP value-0.135

It is extracted from kernel seeds and contains vitamin A,C and contains high amount of fatty acids which adds up the conditioning and moisturizing properties to does not help with bar hardness and cleansing.

Recommended Usage: not more than 15 percent.

Canola oil

SAP value-0.133

It’s a cheap oil and can used to substitute other costly oil. With this oil you   can make critical designs or designs with requires more time.

Recommended usage: not more than 40 percent.

 Castor oil

SAP value: 0.128

It is extracted from castor bean plant. it’s a thick and sticky oil with light yellow color. It creates large and luxurious bubbles

Recommended usage: not more than 8 percent.

Palm oil

SAP value-0.144

It is made from pulp of the fruits from palm gives good lather and hardness to soap.

It can be used with coconut oil. For soap making refined bleached deodorized palm oil.

Recommended usage: not more than 25 percent.

Meadow foam oil

SAP value: 0.120

It is extracted from meadow foam has a long fatty acids which makes it extremely has a long shelf life up to 3 years.

Recommended value: not more than 20 percent.

Shea butter

SAP value-0.128

It is produced from the African Shea has a great moisturizing has a smoky smell and grey color when unrefined. And after refining it turns creamy and white.

Recommended use: not more than 10 percent

Sweet almond oil

SAP value:0.136

It is extracted by cold pressed method from edible is used because of the content of vitamin A,E & B6 and gives conditioning and moisturizing for has a shelf life of 1 year.

Recommended usage: not more than 25 percent.

Safflower oil

SAP value: 0.135

It gives moisturizing and creates soap mild in has a shelf life of one year so plan accordingly.

Recommended usage: not more than 25 percent.

Thanks for Reading my article. i hope you got some ideas about the carrier oil. In my next article I will give you some ideas about essential oil   and combination of different essential oil to make perfect blends.


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