Charcoal Peel off Face Mask For Blackheads and Whiteheads : No Glue .. No Gluten

Charcoal Peel off Face Mask – No Glue .. No Gluten !! Yeah dear ! You heard it right šŸ™‚ Today I am gonna share a very easy and effective face mask . What it will do removes blackheads removes whiteheads removes tiny unwanted facial hair removes dead skin What we need Activated charcoal powder

The Traveller’s Beauty Guide – Travel beauty Tips

Travel beauty Tips This is all about aĀ guide girls on how to maintain freshness, especially when traveling. Knowing some travel beauty tips will make your skin and hair stay in its best shape while you take your vacation. Hereā€™s a quick beauty guide (does not involve make-up) that will let you stay fresh and fab

Hair care routine for dry hairs | winters | India |2016

Hello Girls ,Today I am really excited to share my Hair care routine with you All . I have to admit that to maintain healthy hair we have to follow a routine , there are few people who are god gifted with beautiful manes and even if we had healthy manes as a teenager ,

How To Make Easy Donut Bun without donut : Do it yourself

Easy Donut Bun Hello ladies .. Now a days weather is getting all crazy (cold-dry sort of) in my home town and so are my hairs . The day I wash them they behave like – ohh we are the most disciplined boys in the town and the very next day they become crazy like

Homemade Olive-Egg hair mask for Dry and Damaged hair

Hello everyone..!! Winter are heading and most of us are worried about our crowning glory.Usually my hair starts getting dull and drier in cold weather and they need some extra TLC. So Today I thought of sharing an easy homemadeĀ Olive-Egg hair mask for Dry and Damaged hair.

Egg facial peel off mask for Blackheads and Blemish free Skin

Egg as a wholesome is great nutrient, It’s a protein pack. Specially egg white is really good for tightening and toning of skin. Egg white is widely used all over the world to enhance crowning glory and facial beauty. Today I will be sharing one of my favouriteĀ Egg Facial peel off mask using egg white