Charcoal Peel off Face Mask For Blackheads and Whiteheads : No Glue .. No Gluten

DIY Charcoal peel off face mask

Charcoal Peel off Face Mask – No Glue .. No Gluten !! Yeah dear ! You heard it right šŸ™‚

Today I am gonna share a very easy and effective face mask .

What it will do

  • removes blackheads
  • removes whiteheads
  • removes tiny unwanted facial hair
  • removes dead skin

What we need

  • Activated charcoal powder (BUY HERE)
  • Any peel of mask – I am using Himalaya cucumber peel off mask
  • A plastic or glass bowl
  • An old newspaper – you will know later
DIY charcoal face mask for blackheads and whiteheads
DIY charcoal face mask for blackheads and whiteheads


How to PrepareĀ Charcoal Peel off Face Mask

Take one teaspoon charcoal powder and 2 dollops (or you can adjust accordingly) of peel off mask . Mix them well that is it . apply liberally all over face , leave it for 10 minutes or till it dry – not more than 15 mins .

This is how it looks

peel off mask before and after
peel off mask before and after

Now start peeling it gently from one end. It gonna hurt a little but be brave will conquer the world one day . Sorry for the cheesy line.

After removing it all , wash face with Luke warm water and wash cloth.

you will see little baby hairs Ā , whiteheads and dead skin on removed mask. My skin felt more smooth and shiny after using this .

peel off mask before and after
peel off mask before and after

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Ā PrecautionsĀ āŠ—

  • Please avoid this if you have sensitive or acne prone skin .. I will share other face masks according to your skin type.
  • It hurts a little . So be prepared for little tingling. I avoid using it near my jawline as I have quite a lot facial hair there.
  • Apart from this , it also stains a bit so use that old news paper wherever you are planning to mix and apply. I literally washed my basin for 15 minutes to get it all clear.
  • My skin turned little red because of peeling which settled in half an hour – so don’t panic if it happens with you.
  • Avoid using this if you are in hurry or planning to go out. Best time is evening when you are off to work šŸ™‚

I hope you will find this useful . You can use it on your nose and chin only since they are more prone to blackheads and white heads . Watching tiny hairs and whiteheads/blackheads on peeled mask is really satisfying .

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