Egg facial peel off mask for Blackheads and Blemish free Skin

Egg as a wholesome is great nutrient, It’s a protein pack. Specially egg white is really good for tightening and toning of skin. Egg white is widely used all over the world to enhance crowning glory and facial beauty. Today I will be sharing one of my favourite Egg Facial peel off mask using egg white which helped me a lot in minimising blackheads and Whitehead.

I have had a lot of white and blackheads over nose and chin area.They are so stuborn that simple scrubbing never worked for me.I usually do facial oil cleansing once in a month that helps me a lot in keeping blackheads at bay. Meanwhile I always keep looking for alternate ways.This time I tried a Egg facial peel off mask at home and quite liked the after effects.

Let’s quickly look into the recipe.

What we need

  • 1 Egg white
  • bowl
  • tissue paper towels
  • face pack brush -optional
Egg white peel off mask
Egg white peel off mask

How to do it 

  • Separate egg white from yolk in a small bowl.
  • Beat the egg white.
  • Now apply a thick layer of egg white over face and neck using brush or with fingers if you are comfortable.
  • Stick single layer of tissue paper over your skin seamlessly.
  • Again apply a layer of egg white over the tissue paper and again put a layer of tissue paper over it. Similarly make 3-4 layers. It is kind a egg-tissue sandwich 😀
  • Let it dry completely. For me it takes around half an hour to dry.
  • Now slowly start pulling the mask out of your face in a similar way we do for any peel off mask.
  • After removing the mask, wash your face with cold water.
  • Say bye bye to blackheads and hello to beautiful skin.
Egg peel off mask
Egg peel off mask

Extra brownie

It took me 2-3 tries to master to stick tissue paper over the skin , at first i simply created a mess , tissues getting stuck to my fingers. Simply cut tissues in shape of your cheeks ,forehead and nose beforehand that will make it a lot easier. Do not use this more than twice a week. Also do not forget to tie your hairs.

Good Points about Egg white peel off mask 

  • Removes blackheads
  • Tones up the skin
  • Skin looks bright
  • Blemishes will start fading with regular use.

Do try it girls and let me know the results.