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Louis Vuitton Bag

A guest post by Surendra Singh

Louis Vuitton is the most valuable luxury brand in the world with a presence in over 50 countries. The brand has a long and influential list of celebrities, from Kanye to Madonna, that have endorsed the brand over its 160 years of existence. The portfolio of products offered by the brand is extensive, from key chains to perfumes, clothes to shoes, bags to accessories, sunglasses to watches, Louis Vuitton has made its presence felt in all what fashion comprises of, making it the leading opulent fashion brand in the world.


Louis Vuitton products are adored by ladies. The brand’s handbag collection is coveted by fashionistas around the world. Fashion lovers eagerly wait every season for the brand to launch its collection of new and exquisite handbags. The brands extensive presence in Europe and USA helps luxury shoppers shop the latest that the brand offers. However when it comes to India the brand’s presence is limited to only 2 boutiques in the country. Moreover the counterfeit market is rampant andis steadily destroying the brands image by offering inferior quality replicas. As buyers have become more apprehensive to shop a Louis Vuitton handbag in India; we’ve listed a simple checklist that ladies can check to ensure that the handbag in question is genuine.


  • Stitching – Louis Vuitton is very particular and careful about its stitching. The stitching will have no loose ends. Further because Louis Vuitton handbags are hand crafted they end up having a certain number of stitches per inch. A simple google search will tell you how many stiches per inch should be in the handbag that you are interested in. Always compare this to the bag in question.
  • Dimensions of the Handbag–Counterfeit Louis Vuitton handbags miss out on this detail time after time. Most replicas available in the market are not of the exact dimensions that a genuine Louis Vuitton bag carries. Be it the length or the height; a simple google search will tell you the exact dimensions of the bag. Be sure to check this trivial detail.
  • Date Code– Louis Vuitton Bags carry a Date Code. The date code will be two letters followed by four numbers, e.g – MB2028. A simple google search will help you match the date code with the country the bag was manufactured in. Many replicas will have a date code of France but mention Made in Spain.


Remember Louis Vuitton never goes on a “sale”, nor do they have “discounted outlets” and neither will there be any “wholesaler” for the brand. Any use of these words should raise a red flag, and no matter how good the deal seems to be you should walk away.


If one’s budget does not allow one to buy a Louis Vuitton Handbag in India, the Pre-owned route is a great way to satisfy your brand craving. Pre-owned Louis Vuitton bags are affordable and on an average the price of a Pre-owned Louis Vuitton bag will be 40% less than the one available fresh at the boutique. If you are apprehensive on the condition of a pre-owned handbag and require a detailed description on its condition, we recommend you have a look at My Luxury Bargain official site. The site categorically provides all image angles of the bag and also gives a detailed description about the condition of the bag. The best part – is that most of the Louis Vuitton Bags consigned on the website are as good as ‘new’.

Louis Vuitton India
Louis Vuitton India






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