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hair care routine

Hello Girls ,Today I am really excited to share my Hair care routine with you All . I have to admit that to maintain healthy hair we have to follow a routine , there are few people who are god gifted with beautiful manes and even if we had healthy manes as a teenager , as we grew our hairs also starts ageing , hence they need more care .

This post might get a little long ehh bear with me sweeties cause I wanna go in detail 😀

So let’s start with it . I have mid-long hair , which are naturally wavy , black brown and dry in nature . In winters I tend to get dandruff and flyaways. I never did any chemical treatment on my hair (like coloring or straightening) .I use hairdryer and straighter quite often.

If you have seen my post on Homemade hair oil , which helped me a lot in growing my hair longs and all healthy. But from past 1 month I was experiencing a lot of hair fall .. and not sure why its all happening .. I got myself checked and got diagnosed with Hypothyroid (thanks to my irregular lifestyle) but in the course of time I have already lost my lots of hairs. To combat I decided to improve my hair care routine .

Hair oil -hair care routine

I regularly oil my hairs that is one thing I swear by . How many fancy-high products we use for our hairs nothing is magical like good hot oil massage. Massaging scalp helps in improving blood circulation which results in better growth.I usually oil my hairs and keep it overnight and wash my hair the other day.

Currently I am using following hair oils

My own Homemade Hair oil  – as overnight oil treatment . This is one I swear by full recipe HERE

Patanjali coconut hair oil – Whenever I want to wash my hair in short span of time. Patanjali coconut oil is quite light weight and easy to wash.

Arganic by Aryanveda 100% moroccon Argan hair oil (Full review HERE) – This is a very luxurious oil which I usually use post wash.

Hair care routine indian black hair
Hair care routine indian black hair

Shampoo and conditioner – hair care routine

Being a blogger and tempted to try new products , I have lost count on how many shampoos I have used in past. But for now I have decided to stick to one shampoo at least till the bottle last. Currently I am using Organix thick & full biotin & collagen shampoo with same variant conditioner .

I usually wash my hairs every 2-3 days as per my convenience . I try not over wash my hair to keep the natural oils ,though there is no rule as such. I keep the shampoo for 3-4 mins and conditioner for atleast 5 mins to let them work . Note – I use warm (not HOT!!) water for shampoo and cold water for conditioner or last rinse.

Hair care routine indian black hair
Hair care routine indian black hair

Hair Mask/ Hair Pack / Masque – hair care routine

One thing for sure I cannot imagine a hair care routine without hair masks . I always get time to indulge myself in hair masks being it commercial or homemade .

Currently using Macadamia Deep Repair Masque (full review HERE) and Arganic ny Aryanveda 100% moroocon argan oil hair mask. (full review HERE)

I also indulge in many homemade hair masks like

Homemade Olive-Egg hair mask for Dry and Damaged hair

Fenugreek /Methi hair pack

For hair masks again there is no rule .I have already ignored my hairs for past 1-2 months , So nowadays masking them in every 4-5 days interval. Always cover your hair with plastic hair caps or shower caps which usually creates a warmth in your head area and helps mask penetrating the hair shafts.You can also use normal polythenes if no shower cap.

Macadamia Deep Repair Masque results
Macadamia Deep Repair Masque results
Arganic by aryanveda 100% moroccan oil hair mask
Arganic by aryanveda 100% moroccan oil hair mask
In addition to oiling- shampoo-conditioner & Masking (If that is a word :P) , I also follow some Golden Tips
  • Never comb your hair when WET. Try running your finger instead.
  • Use a wide toothed comb to de-tangle when they are semi dry or you can use a good tangle teezer girls rave about.
  • Try to keep minimal  – by minimal I mean don’t overload your hairs with harsh chemicals .Try to figure out what works best for hairs and stick to the routine.
  • Use organic and natural products as much as you can. Products without SLS , Paraben , mineral oil or silicones will give better and healthy hair in long run. (read TOP SLS FREE SHAMPOOS INDIA)
  • Don’t tie your hair too tight if they are prone to breakage.
  • Cover then with scarf in windy or sunny weather .
  • I also use baking soada and apple cider vinegar once in a month to detox them (Read HOW TO DETOX YOUR HAIRS )

If you are shedding lot of hair even after having a healthy routine , Take  medical advice first.

So this all about my basic Hair Care Routine . I will definitely do a second part of this post ( Since I don;t want to overload you with everything in a single post like khichdi 😀 ) where I am gonna cover all the hair styling tools and products I use plus some very useful tips for daily good looks.




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