Are you facing Hair loss – remedies , causes and prevention

Hello Ladies..!! One of the reader asked for some hair loss tips, So I thought of writing an article about how I keep hair loss at bay. There was a time around 5 years back when I had really thin hair , I won’t call my hairs were all bad but yes I definitely have much better hair now.

There are numerous reasons for hair loss and it is normal to lose 50 -100 strands per day (for me it’s like what 100 strands per day !! but its true.) Sometimes hair loss is Genetic or due to medical conditions like Hypothyroidism , pregnancy, menopause or PCOS.

Hair loss
Hair loss

Reasons you are loosing hair 

  1. Stress and trauma.
  2. Lack of sleep.
  3. Untidy hairs – yes one of major concern.
  4. Bad hair habits – Like tying them too tight , sun exposure etc.
  5. Slathering lots of hair products or too much use of hair tools.
  6. Irregular schedules or life changes.
  7. Poor nutrition and diet.
  8. Ageing
  9. Medical conditions.
  10. Genetic .

My way of hair loss prevention

We all know prevention is better than cure – an old saying.To prevent hair loss or even if you are not shading any hair following tips will help you to have everyday a good hair day.These are my personally tried hair loss prevention tips.

  1. Keep your scalp and hairs clean – Always keep your scalp and hair clean , dirty hairs are one of the main reason for hair loss.I suggest to wash your hair as and when needed , I wash mine in every 3-4 days. Washing hair everyday is a crime because it deprives hair of natural oils.
  2. Change your pillow often – This has a direct relation with point 1.Keeping same pillow case for weeks will help bacteria to grow on it and when you sleep on it eww. I already mentioned in my post on best skin care tips how important is to sleep on clean pillow case. It is advisable to use silk pillow case so that we will lose lesser hair due to friction-breakage.
  3. Wash your hair with soft water – Using Hard water is also a major factor for hair loss , It makes them rough and unmanageable which results in breakageTry using normal drinking water for hair wash. I usually fills a bucket from aqua-gaurd and use it for washing my hairs.
  4. Hot oil head massage – I swear by hair oil massages. They are sure shot ways for healthy hairs. You can use any hair oil , just heat it a little and give a soothing massage with your finger tips.Never rub your hair rigorously. Make sure hair oil is fragrance free and pure with no fancy ingredients like mineral oil can see my homemade hair oil recipe .
  5. Eat good for good hair + exercise – Eat a balanced and nutritious diet for healthy hair and body. Protein is the building block of hair.Protein provides strength to the shaft of the hair and reduces chances of hair fall by snapping and splitting.Foods high in protein are soy, tofu, dairy products like milk, curd, paneer, cheese, nuts, oilseeds, beans and pulses. Non-veggies can have egg whites.Apart from eating healthy, you should exercise at-least for 20 minutes a day. On this point I am a big lazy bummer.Also read :hair detox for healthy hairs
  6. Go extra miles have some biotin – Biotin deficiency has been linked to hair loss. Deficiency of B complex vitamins can lead to greasy hair, dandruff, poor hair growth and grey hair. You can take biotin supplements after checking with your physician.Make sure to drink lots of water while taking supplements.
  7. Use a homemade hair mask – Try using homemade hair masks for hair loss. I use Methi-curd hair masque quite often.

In addition to above points you should

  • Keep your combs and hair brushes clean.
  • Use less styling products and tools.
  • Don’t comb on wet hairs, best time is when hair are semi dry.
  • Try to use SLS/paraben free hair products – believe me they will make a huge difference in long run.
  • Try to maintain a schedule – sleep on time,eat on time and  wake-up on time.I know we fail 80% of time in maintaining schedule but give it a thought.

P.S. – Hair loss which is hereditary OR due to medical conditions are different story altogether.You need to consult a medical practitioner for that.

Our crowing glory is an essential part of our body.It plays a major role in overall appearance.So ladies take good care of it. Please lemme know if you have some good suggestion for healthy hair I would love to read them.

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