homemade hair growth oil : Do it yourself

homemade hair growth oil

Do it yourself homemade hair oil version 1

Hello girls,

Quick update 10/02/2017 – I have recently discovered Satthwa Premium hair oil a blend of 9 different oils which is 100% chemical free and Paraben free. My personal hair oil recipe has 4 oils out of these 9 oils , so if you feel lazy to make your own hair oil at home , you can buy Satthwa Premium hair oil from their website – HERE

Satthwa premium oil claims to – promotes hair growth , slow premature greying , prevents dandruff and stop hair fall. I will be soon updating you with the detailed review of  Satthwa Premium hair oil. Read on to see my personal hair growth recipe .

satthwa premium hair oil
satthwa premium hair oil


we always crave for fabulous manes.All those shiny hair advertisements takes our heart .Today I will be sharing my tried and tested homemade hair regrowth oil recipe(DIY) .There are two versions , today I’ll share the first one.

benefits of homemade hair growth oil  :

  1. Hair growth
  2. Improved hair texture
  3. natural shine
  4. jet black and manageable

Ingredients we need :

  • Coconut oil (100 ml)
  • Castor oil (20 ml)
  • Olive oil (50 ml)
  • Almond oil (50 ml)
  • curry leaves (25 leaves approx.)
  • kalonji seeds (Nigella sativa) (2 tsp.)
  • methi seeds (Fenugreek seeds) (2 tsp)
  • Amla (Indian gooseberry) – preferable dried and cut in small pieces. (3tsp)
  • A dark glass bottle (normal glass bottle will also do)

Coconut oil : It is one of the best oil when it comes to moisturising hair. It stimulates the hair folic and helps in growth of hair.

Castor oil : Castor oil is widely used for hair and skin care and is known for its medicinal properties. With castor oil its possible to get darker , fuller and shiny healthy hair.It also treats dandruff and dry scalp.

 Olive oil : olive oil is widely used as a deep nourishing treatment for dry or damaged hair. Its  rich, moisturising properties make it ideal for use on your manes.

Almond oil : For almond oil my suggestion is to use rogan badam shirin or any pure almond oil .Almond oil makes hair manageable . It’s a great detangler .The more manageable the hair , possibility of breakage and hair loss is less.

Curry leaves : Curry leaves are beneficial in preventing premature greying , repairs damage and promotes hair growth.

Kalonji seeds: helps to strengthen hair follicles thus prevents loss of hair.

Methi seeds : Methi has enormous benefits when it comes to hair care. It basically boost hair growth, treat dandruff and prevents scalp irritation.

Amla : People rave amla’s health benefit .Its an excellent hair tonic. Be it amla juice , powder or the fruit itself. Amla is a wonder herb having ability to turn your hairs gorgeously jet black.

Now the oil recipe :

Take a small pan and roast methi n kalonji ,  grind them coarsely and keep aside. crush curry leaves and amla . pour methi ,kalonji ,crushed curry leaves and amla in glass bottle . mix above mentioned oils and pour the oil blend in bottle.

keep this bottle in sunlight for around five days for infusing herbs into oil . you can use the oil from day one .Gently massage on scalp and length of your hair  .I will recommend to apply this oil twice a week and keep this oil overnight for maximum results.

Below is a pic of mine in a span of one and a half year.

hair growth
my hair growth journey








This oil has helped me in my hair growth journey a lot. Girls give it a shot and let me know how it worked on your hairs.




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    Hi Anamika!!
    Nice write up. I will also give it a try.
    I wanted to know how you dealt with your post pregnancy. Many women suffer with greater hair loss post delivery. Did you face similar problem? If yes then did you take any special effect to control it.

  2. 6
    Jaspreet Kaur

    Thankuu so much for this i have been searching for this since long time nd now m search ends here i will gonna try this soon nd share with ur reviews also 😀😍😍

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