How To Make Easy Donut Bun without donut : Do it yourself

easy donut bun tutorial

Easy Donut Bun

Hello ladies .. Now a days weather is getting all crazy (cold-dry sort of) in my home town and so are my hairs . The day I wash them they behave like – ohh we are the most disciplined boys in the town and the very next day they become crazy like fox.

I use to tie them in a messy bun whenever at home but today I wanted a more cleaner look  (read – a donut bun). So what I don’t have at home to make a donut bun – a sock which my mommy will allow me to cut just to create a sock bun OR a perfectly shaped donut (not the one we eat ) to use directly .

So what I did – I created a cute donut of the size I desired all by myself and sported the donut bun all day long !!

What we need

  • A soft cloth/handkerchief
  • 2 hairbands (preferably black color)
  • few juda pins/bobby pins (preferably black color)

How to make an easy donut bun

  • First comb your hairs well and tie them in a ponytail .
  • Keep the height of ponytail likewise you want to have your bun (imagine circled bun around the ponytail)
easy donut bun
easy donut bun
  • Now take the cloth/handkerchief and roll it cleanly
  • Start wrapping it around your ponytail , pushing ponytail upwards
  • now tie the ends in the down side for more security use a bobby pin beneath .
easy donut bun
easy donut bun
  • spread your hairs like fountain all over the wrapped cloth , use a comb if necessary.
easy donut bun
easy donut bun
  • Now seal the look with a hairband.
easy donut bun
easy donut bun
  • Take the remaining hairs divide them in sections .Twist each section and tug inside the bun using juda/bobby pin. Use a hair setting spray to give a neat look (sorry I didn’t use any in tutorial thats y you can see tiny tiny fly way hairs)
easy donut bun
easy donut bun

Here’s your easy peasy donut bun ready !!

P.S. – That my sister’s hairs by the way.. !!

You can use hair accessories to decorate it..!!

Do lemme know if you really like it !!


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