How to unlock an iPhone so you can use sim card from any network in India

unlock your iPhone

unlock an iPhone

So exactly what happened with me – We purchased a fully paid universal unlocked iPhone 7 from Best Buy California considering whenever we will reach India , I will put my sim in so-called universal unlocked iPhone and it will work normally for me.

Now as soon as we reached I gushingly put my SIM card and tried to activate it . It always keep on saying

“The SIM card inserted in this iPhone does not appear to be supported. Only compatible SIMcards from a supported carrier may be used to activate iPhone. “

We tried almost everything written on the internet to activate it. Nobody helped !! Best buy said we are sorry we can not help you – never purchase from Best Buy US if you are planning to use it in other country .

Iphone service center said ” You have not purchased it from iPhone store we can not help you” So everyone wants to sell No body cares will it work or not. 😀

I did a research – I mean a lot of research to finally find that “Universal Unlocked” iPhone means this iPhone can be activated with any network carrier SIM CARD which belongs to US.(read twice) . Then I looked further what we can do and found that using an US based SIM Card will work at least to activate it (SIM Not supported message will go).

So what I did to activate it finally

  • I bought a Verizon sim card from eBay( got it shipped to India) . I had a word with Verizon customer support and they ensure that once we use Verizon SIM to activate iPhone for the first time , we can use other SIM cards as well that means it will not further lock iPhone to its carrier (Verizon) unlike other US carriers like ATNT etc.
  • It took almost 10-12 days to land in india
  • As soon as it arrived I inserted the sim card , and started with the activation process . Please note you should have an active WiFi connection to activate your iPhone because verizon SIM will not show any network in India.
  • I simply started setting it up step by step and Voila it got activated like a smooth Breeze.
  • Then I removed verizon SIM Card and inserted my Idea one and thank fully it worked .

This thing will work for you if you have fully paid universal unlocked iPhone and it is NOT supporting your country SIM CARD .

Plus it shouldn’t be a stolen or carrier locked phone . I heard from someone they sell the iPhone for as low as 20$ in US which are carrier locked.- not sure though.

If you have any question do drop a comment or you can mail me at

Disclaimer : What worked for me may not work for you , Intention of this article is purely to help someone in need.



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