Natural VS. Organic beauty products

Do you get mesmerised by the words “Natural” , “Herbal” ,”Chemical-free” or “non-toxic” written on every other beauty product now-a-days. Recently most of the companies are emerging with catchy product names for better marketing.Today’s talk is much more sensitive and my main motto is to spread a little awareness about what we are feeding to our body through lotions and potions.

Let’s quickly have a look on whom to trust and what these fancy words actually mean in beauty industry.


Natural products means the ingredients are derived from nature rather than created synthetically in a laboratory.The term natural does not guarantee that its completely safe and natural.The word “Natural” simply means that certain percentage is derived from natural sources and certain percentage is synthetic.

Usually Natural products don’t have harmful chemicals in them but now a days more and more beauty product manufacturers are labelling their products as “Natural” and they simply mentions only two or three active ingredients and hides the small evils (read harmful chemical).

cosmetic companies are not like “put on my brand kajal and boom you are dead” , they also wanted to gain customer confidence but these tiny toxic ingredients will harm you slowly slowly(scary right !!).

Some companies claim for 100% natural ingredients – good for us 🙂



herbal beauty product
herbal beauty product

The word herbal is taken from the mediaeval Latin liber herbalis means “books of herbs”. Herbal product means it has all the ingredients derived from plant/herb extracts , their leaves and roots.

In short herbal is all herb extracts however some chemicals in form of pesticides may be used while growing those herbs or plants. Again be cautious by the label “Herbal beauty”, they may contain herbs or simply herb essence might be created synthetically.


herbal beauty product
herbal beauty product

Organic is one word I am fond of. It means a product contains all natural and organically grown ingredients without use of chemicals or pesticides.However we have to understand if its all organic means 100% organic or it merely contains some organic ingredients.As per United States Department of Agriculture(USDA) organic means the product be it a food or cosmetic is grown by approved methods.

I read somewhere that if some product calls itself as organic it is usually 70% organic and 30% not known.

Organic products are usually cruelty-free.and minimally processed.

In a gist, all these terms viz. “natural” , “organic” , “herbal” , “non-toxic” ,”chemical free” are overlapping and somewhere gives us a ray of hope that – ALL IS WELL. In my coming post I will tell you what you have to look in ingredient list if you wanted to be safe & genuinely and naturally beautiful.

Let me know your thoughts – Do it really bothers you if product contains tiny-tiny chemicals or you are OK with them.




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