Are you facing Hair loss – remedies , causes and prevention

Hello Ladies..!! One of the reader asked for some hair loss tips, So I thought of writing an article about how I keep hair loss at bay. There was a time around 5 years back when I had really thin hair , I won’t call my hairs were all bad but yes I definitely have much better hair now.

There are numerous reasons for hair loss and it is normal to lose 50 -100 strands per day (for me it’s like what 100 strands per day !! but its true.) Sometimes hair loss is Genetic or due to medical conditions like Hypothyroidism , pregnancy, menopause or PCOS.

How to do hair-detox at home for clean and healthy hairs

Hair-detox !! In order to achieve perfect looks we often put our hairs under lot of stress.Be it using a heat protect-ant for straightening or holding sprays for making a high bun ,our hairs end up piling up a lot of products which on long run degrades hair quality and texture. Once I visited a very reputed salon for hair cut , the salon guy scraped my hair with a scissor and showed a white powdery buildup and said “Mam , nothing will work on your hair until unless you remove the buildup”

Effects of hair buildup in long run :

  • Hair will start looking dull and flat.
  • Lose its shine.
  • Most of the hair products stop working on hair (happened with me 🙁 )
  • And you start running after costly salon treatments for sake of your hairs. 😛

Fenugreek/methi hair pack for healthy hair : Do it yourself

Hi Girls ,

Today I will share one of my favourite homemade hair pack for healthy and shiny hairs. Our crowning glory is one of the important asset when it comes to grooming . One should take proper care of them by providing some TLC.I usually indulge in various homemade and ready to use hair packs on weekends. Lets see how to do it  !!

Fenugreek seeds aka methi has enormous benefits starting from heath to skin to hairs.I have already mentioned in my homemade hair oil recipe . In terms of hair Fenugreek seeds are capable of

  • Preventing hair loss
  • Adding shine
  • Making hairs silky and smooth
  • Fighting dandruff
  • keeping scalp healthy
  • Imparts body and volume to fine, limp hair

homemade hair growth oil : Do it yourself

homemade hair growth oil

Do it yourself homemade hair oil version 1

Hello girls,

Quick update 10/02/2017 – I have recently discovered Satthwa Premium hair oil a blend of 9 different oils which is 100% chemical free and Paraben free. My personal hair oil recipe has 4 oils out of these 9 oils , so if you feel lazy to make your own hair oil at home , you can buy Satthwa Premium hair oil from their website – HERE

Satthwa premium oil claims to – promotes hair growth , slow premature greying , prevents dandruff and stop hair fall. I will be soon updating you with the detailed review of  Satthwa Premium hair oil. Read on to see my personal hair growth recipe .

satthwa premium hair oil
satthwa premium hair oil


we always crave for fabulous manes.All those shiny hair advertisements takes our heart .Today I will be sharing my tried and tested homemade hair regrowth oil recipe(DIY) .There are two versions , today I’ll share the first one.

benefits of homemade hair growth oil  :

  1. Hair growth
  2. Improved hair texture
  3. natural shine
  4. jet black and manageable

Ingredients we need :

  • Coconut oil (100 ml)
  • Castor oil (20 ml)
  • Olive oil (50 ml)
  • Almond oil (50 ml)
  • curry leaves (25 leaves approx.)
  • kalonji seeds (Nigella sativa) (2 tsp.)
  • methi seeds (Fenugreek seeds) (2 tsp)
  • Amla (Indian gooseberry) – preferable dried and cut in small pieces. (3tsp)
  • A dark glass bottle (normal glass bottle will also do)