Top 10 Tea Tree oil face washes: prices and buy

In monsoons our skin needs special care from any kinda infection .For a long time tea tree oil was used as antiseptic oil to treat various medical skin conditions. Tea tree is origin of Southeast Queensland and the Northeast coast of new south wales , Australia.Tea tree oil may be effective in a variety of dermatological conditions, including dandruff , acne ,lice,herpes and other skin infections.

Here is a list of 10 best face washes available in India containing Tea tree as its main ingredient :

The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash

This daily-use facial wash for blemished skin gives clearer-looking skin when used as part of a regular regime. Removes excess oil without over-drying skin. Helps remove impurities.Clinically proven to give clearer-looking skin.

price – 795 INR buy  HERE

Auravedic Clear brightness pulpy face wash with neem tea tree

This ultimate acne-fighting face wash with Neem and Tea tree works together to cut through oil, dissolving dirt and impurities without overdrying or irritation. Skin is left clear and smooth.

Usage : Scoop on to fingertips and gently massage over skin before rinsing it off.

Price  : 150 INR  and BUY HERE


Aroma Magic Neem and Tea Tree Face Wash

I am 100% free of paraben, soap, alcohol, artificial colouring& fragrance. I cure acne with my neem& rose extracts. I help prevent blackheads and soothe skin irritations with my blend of tea tree & lavender essential oils. The vitamins in me lighten scars, blemishes & improve skin tone.

Usage :Apply to moist face & neck. Massage and rinse off properly.

Price 135 INR for 100 ml and buy  HERE

Lotus Herbals Tea tree Anti-Acne Oil Control Face Wash

Get rid of pimples and black spots and allow younger-looking and fresh skin to do the talking, with this oil control face wash from Lotus Herbals.Combination of Tea Tree Oil and Cinnamon-This face wash has a powerful combination of tea tree oil and cinnamon that helps remove excess oil from your skin. The tea tree oil and cinnamon combination are impressive antimicrobials and antioxidants that keep acne issues and other skin infections at bay.Oak Bark Component-This face wash has oak bark as one of the major ingredients that is an astringent and has healing properties. This keeps the skin oil-free, clean and soft.

Price 175 for 120 gm BUY  HERE

Nyassa Tea Tree Face Wash

Nyassa Tea Tree Face Wash is SLS, SLES and paraben free. They are extremely gentle for facial skin. They cleanse and remove dead cells and toxins, clear clogged poress and do not dry out the skin. Tea Tree face wash works well for individuals with normal to oily skin. Nyassa’s Tea Tree face wash is all you need to return that fresh look all day long. Two key natural ingredients makes sure that your skin not only gets refreshed with every wash but also keeps it germ free and healthy, the natural way. Tea Tree face wash contains two natural ingredients namely Tea Tree Essential Oil and Green Tea Extract. Tea tree essential oil is native to Australia. It is known to have strong cleansing properties and aids in banishing acne blemishes. It works well on oily skin. Green Tea Extract helps in getting rid of toxins from the skin.
Price 350 INR approx. Buy  HERE

Dear Earth Tea Tree Purifying Organic & Vegan Face Wash

Dear earth tea tree face wash is ideal for getting rid of pimples and purifying your skin. Organic pongamia and tea tree oilhelp your skin naturally get rid of acne and other impurities. Vetiver, basil and lemon essential oils clear out oil and grime, while maintaining the necessary moisture balance to keep your skin soft, clean, and clear of breakouts. It is handmade with usda certified organic ingredients.

Price 420 INR HERE

Khadi Neem Teatree and Basil Face Wash SLS & Paraben Free

Pamper your skin with well deserved massage each day. Go the natural with this khadi neem tea tree & basil facewash and your skin will be free from acne. It is suitable for all skin types and further removes impurities and prevent pimples. Benefits : Anti Acne. I personally feel khadi products has overpowering fragrance I can’t simply stand out.

Price 187 INR  buy HERE

Oriflame Pure Nature Organic Tea Tree and Rosemary Purifying Wash and Tone Gel

Treat your face to the Oriflame Pure Nature Purifying Wash and Tone Gel to enjoy a fresh, clean and toned feeling. Enriched with organic tea tree oil, this face wash gel is cooling and soothing. Acting as a natural antiseptic, the tea tree soothes, heals and clears your skin of black heads and white heads. The rosemary oil in this gel will moisturize your dry skin, to give you a healthy glow. This Oriflame tea tree and rosemary oil gel leaves you feeling refreshed with its intense aromatic fragrance, offering a cleansing as well as relaxing experience.

Price 550 INR for 150 ml , buy HERE

Aloe Veda Face Wash Lavender and Tea Tree Oil

Aloe veda’s lavender face cleanser with tea tree oil is an oil free, non comedogenic formula, containing active ingredients that destroy bacteria in the face pores that can lead to breakouts and inflammation but is mild enough not to cause irritation or inflammation of the skin. Being oil free and non comedogenic, it will not clog the pores of your face but will cleanse the skin of bacteria, dirt, excess oils, toxins and dead skin cells and aid your face in shedding old skin and allowing new, baby skin to grow in its place. It is enriched with aloe vera, moisturizing plant glycerin and allantoin and will not strip your face of its natural oils. Does not contain harsh ingredients such as alpha hydroxy acids, parabens and alcohol. Rinses off easily ensuring that skin does not get dry and itchy due to the sticky film deposited. Contains pure essential oils and nutrients to suit all skin type. The formula is cruelty free and 100 percent vegetarian.

price 110 INR for 100 ml , buy HERE

VLCC Alpine Mint and Tea Tree Gentle Refreshing Face Wash

The active, non-drying face wash with cellulose granules and skin lightening agents, helps deep clean excess oil on skin. Fights against blemishes, open pores and lighten skin tone over time.

Price 207 INR for 175 ml buy HERE

Hope you liked the list . I tried picking most of them from chemical free brands. Let me know if you want detailed review of any above.

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