Understanding Soap Qualities in Soap Calculator

Understanding Soap Qualities in Soap Calculator

So today I will discuss a very essential part of using a soap Calc. One of my close secret friend is deep digging cold process soap making and is actually very good at it . Understanding a soap Calc is really important …. So lets quickly see what soap qualities in soap Calc. actually means.

understanding soap qualities
understanding soap qualities


It refers the Hardness of a soap,it depends on the base oil .A good quality soap should contain Hardness value between 29 to 54. For example if you have higher percentage of coconut oil your soap mixture your soap will be hard and if u have oilve oil as a base oil your soap will be soft.


It refers the cleansing ability of a soap,it is an important factor which decides whether your soap will adhere dirt properly or not.The normal cleansing range is between 12-22.For example coconut oil has a great cleansing ability where olive oil has a less tendency to achieve cleansing properties.


It refers the conditioning ability of soap on your body or skin.or you can say the feeling of softness on your skin.This property have great importance for a dry skin.it nourishes the skin to make soft and fluffy.Normal range is between 44 to 69.


It refers the bubbly-ness of soap .Its the ability to lather up and get bubbly.Normal range is between 14-46.


It refers the ability of a soap to make creamy lather,higher the creaminess lesser will be the bubble making ability and vice versa.The normal range is between is 16-48.


As it seems more technical terms as compared to other qualities but still plays an important role in your soap.In simple way we can say that it comprises two factors whether the soap will be soft but high conditioning qualities or hard but less conditioning qualities.Normal range is 41-70. As your soap iodine value crosses  70 ,soap will be soft.


It is used to predict the physical characteristics of the soap bar – the ideal value is 160. Normal range is 136-170.


1)Lauric- Properties:- Hardness,cleansing,bubbly lather

2)Myristic-Properties:hardness,cleansing,bubbly lather

3)Palmitic-Properties:hardness, creamy lather

4)Stearic-Properties:hardness,creamy lather

5)Ricinoleic-Properties:bubbly lather,creamy lather,conditioning


7)Linoleic- Properties:conditioning


I hope you will get the clear ideas about the  soap qualities,By infusing all these things will increase the overall abilities of a soap.

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