VLCC Mulberry and Rose Fairness Face Wash review price & buy

Hello girls…!! I am in bit of perk up mood today !! Don’t know the reason though 😛 Today I will be reviewing VLCC Mulberry and Rose Fairness Face Wash.I picked it randomly during my visit to super market.Honestly I find VLCC products very average in terms of performance,Lets see if it is a ohh LA LA !! or boom fis fis !!

vlcc mulberry and rose face wash review
vlcc mulberry and rose face wash review

Price and buy – 150 INR for 150 ml(got it at B1G1 ) buy HERE

Product claims 

This gentle effective cleanser is a powerful fairness & anti-pigmentation formula which combines the benefits of Mulberry and Rose. Rose’s astringency content helps fade pigmentation marks while. Mulberry’s arbutin inhibits melanin synthesis thus preventing pigmentation. The added antioxidant properties of lemon and orange gives you a radiant glowing & brighter complexion on successive face washes.

My Take on VLCC Mulberry and Roses Fairness Face Wash

About Packaging , Its a beautiful pink bulky squeeze tube with white color flip open cap.I love this kind of packaging , It is hygienic and spill proof.150 ml tube is big and cannot be used while travelling.

vlcc mulberry and rose face wash
vlcc mulberry and rose face wash

Fragrance is – Fruity and tangy I never ate Mulberry so can’t compare 😛 .Overall its very refreshing .Lingers only till you wash your face and then goes with the wind.

Face wash itself is pink coloured and medium runny in consistency.It claims to reduce blemishes and provides fairer complexion.Along with mulberry and rose it also contains orange and lemon extracts emmm kind a good list for getting bright skin.

Coming on actual results when I washed my face it lathers mediocre and doesn’t dry out my facial skin.Skin becomes squeaky clean but it has a little slippery feeling.I need to splash more and more water to feel that its all washed off from my face.

I don’t see any radiant glow or brighter complexion even after regular uses nor I was expecting such results from any face wash.Its a decent face wash which does its job of cleaning pretty well nothing else which I can hype about.

vlcc mulberry and rose face wash
vlcc mulberry and rose face wash

Good points –

  • Cleans face effectively.
  • fragrance is refreshing.
  • Pocket friendly at buy1get1
  • Packaging is spill proof.

Not so good Points –

  •  It contains SLES and parabens.
  • Over hyped claim of brighter complexion and blemish reduction.

I am still in love with Wild earth woody sandal face wash and going to try more of their products. Which is your favourite face wash do lemme know .. !!




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